Our Mission

With Upcrypto Trade, you can be sure your trading skills are matched with excellent service.

Our Mission

What's the secret to upcrypto's success? The answer is obvious: Our people. We are proud to have one of the most talented, hardworking and passionate teams the world has to offer. Interested in joining our team?

  • Upcrypto Wallet. Your Keys, Your Crypto.
  • Upcrypto Earn. No lock-up period and stable returns.
  • Upcrypto Swap. Swap Upcrypto coins and earn Triple Yield.

Our Vision

Upcrypto has a strategic partnership with Ledger, integrating its institutional-grade custody solution, Ledger Vault. We also leverage hardware security modules (HSM) and multi-signature technologies. Upcrypto has secured a total of USD 360M in cold storage insurance against physical damage or destruction, and third-party theft.

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